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What is B roll footage?

B roll footage is a free add-on offered by some influencers along with their primary video content. This is typically a short video with shots of your product with background narration by the creator describing the products features and benefits. If a creator offers this service it will be displayed on step 6 of influencer campaign creation.

How many orders will I get from an Amazon Live placement?

ZonVids cannot guarantee a certain number of orders generated from an Amazon Live placement due to the variability in products, audiences and a multitude of other factors. Brands can however expect to generate sales both during the livestream, and in the weeks and months thereafter. This is due to livestreams being available for playback on the influencers storefront, as well as the listing of past featured products on the creators page.

How long does it take for a creator to produce a video?

UGC videos are typically produced and delivered within 10 days of the creator receiving the sample product. Influencer video production times are more variable with some influencers producing content in as little as a week, while others may take couple months. Turnaround times for specific influencers are displayed on Step 5 of influencer campaign creation, by clicking the View Profile button.

Can creators buy my product and I reimburse them?

When creating a UGC campaign you have the option to request the creator purchase your product and reimburse them for the cost. If you select this option ZonVids will collect the cost of the product along with the video placement fee and reimburse the creator on your behalf. This option is not available however for influencer campaigns. With all influencer campaigns brands are expected to ship the influencer a sample unit of your product.

Can creators leave a review for my product?

Creators are never expected or requested to leave a star review for your product. Since creators are paid, leaving a review would be considered “incentived” and would violate the review policies of most 3rd party marketplaces.

What happens if I’m not satisfied with the content produced?

Brands are strongly encouraged to provide detailed briefs to influencers after purchasing a placement. A form will be emailed to you after purchasing a placement where you can detail all features of your product you would like mentioned. Keep in mind however that creators are not reading from a script and are allowed to focus on the features they find most valuable. If a creator makes a substantial error when describing your product, falls significantly below the expected video duration or makes another objective mistake ZonVids will assist in scheduling a reshoot or proposing another remedy.

Can I get video content created for non-U.S. Amazon markets?

UGC uploads to Amazon, or influencer placements on Amazon Live are available exclusively for products sold on Amazon’s U.S. marketplace. However UGC video file only campaigns can be uploaded by the brand to non-U.S. marketplaces, and placements on TikTok, YouTube and Instagram can be purchased and linked to Amazon’s foreign markets.

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